Capture the Unlimited Upside of a Personal Brand on autopilot.

Ghostwriting your trading tweets, newsletters, & courses so you can spend less time on content and more time doing what you do best.

What Do You Want To Optimize?

Email Courses

Lead Magnet or Onboarding Email Courses.

Generate more leads on autopilot with a free course teaching your favorite setups, trading style, or any other actionable educational content in your arsenal.

Or, use an email course to perfect your customer onboarding experience. Give product demos, customized customer journeys, or further education to ensure a subscriber gets everything they need in the first 7 days.

Personalized to your brand's tone & voice

Two onboarding calls

3-4 week fulfillment

Free email strategy workshop

Ghostwriting Your Newsletters or X (formerly Twitter) Content.

Coming soon.

Which Email Course Fits Your Business' Needs?

Turning Leads Into Customers On Autopilot

Triple your leads, provide a ton of free value, and subtly upsell all in one sequence.

✓ 5 Actionable Lessons

✓ 9 Personalized Emails

✓ 1 Asset That Works Forever

Revolutionize the way you capture leads as a trading service.

The Attention + Retention Package

I'll ghostwrite your own personal lead magnet course to generate customers on autopilot, and then retain the same customers with an optimized onboarding flow after signup.

✓ 2 separate workflows

✓ 16 total personalized emails

Onboarding Retention Package

Guidance, education, and subscriber nurturing with the main goal of retaining your customers.

✓ 1 Personalized Welcome Email

✓ 1 Navigate Your Service Email

✓ 3 Educational Emails