Earnings Gap Up Mastery: A 5-Day Guide to Learning How To Trade Earnings Gap Ups & Profiting From A Volatile Earnings Season

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    Day 0: Earnings Gap Up Review

    Day 1: The High Volume Close Setup

    Day 2: Different Ways to Classify Gap Ups

    Day 3: Required Gap Up Concepts to Master

    Day 4: Specific Buy/Sell Rules to Implement

    Day 5: Study Resources & Key Scans

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    Here's everything that's included:

    Day 0: A brief overview of what an Earnings Gap Up (EGU) is & why it is a key tool for any strategy.

    Day 1: Understand the High Volume Close setup & why this is a key pattern for EGUs.

    Day 2: 4 methods to classify EGUs & HVCs to help prioritize what stocks should be on your focus list.

    Day 3: Simplify your focus list by with 3 more methods to classify earnings gap ups.

    Day 4: Take what you've learned and master specific entry & exit techniques.

    Day 5: Application time! Some key scans & other resources to make this edge your own (200+ historical examples!).